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District Party Committee investigated Hongyun’s party construction; Su Xiuzao, Branch Secretary of the Company, introduced the activities conducted by the party branch
Recently, Secretary of District Party Committee Ma Shaoxing has investigated Hongyun’s party development and held a discussion with Su Xiuzao, Branch Secretary of the Company.
In the meeting, Su Xiuzao reported Hongyun’s party development. After the report, Ma Shaoxing was pleased and agreed that the colorful and abundant political activities in medium and small enterprises not only provided political education, cultural activities, but also brought lots of funs and their activities were lively and interesting. He also introduced some examples that could facilitate the growth and development of party branch, and showed his high expectation in Hongyun’s party development.
General Manager of Hongyun Pang Jian introduced Hongyun’s business operation. Ma Shaoxing proposed a number of useful suggestions and recommendations for the development of the Company.
Party branch members of the Company took part in this discussion.

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