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“Big birds fly high in the air for thousands of miles; full-fledged, they are about to conquer the whole world”- Biography of the Dukes or Princes under Emperor in Shih Chi by Sima Qian

“Possessing economic talent and exceptional opportunity”- The Milestone in Ancient Temple by Liu Xiu

At Hongyun’s early days, Hongyun people have born lofty ambitions of the big birds

Ready to soar to great heights and fulfill their dreams.

Hongyun’s logo is characterized by the 5000-year-long stone art in China

The crimson red bell seal that bears the profound Chinese traditions

Displays the profound cultural deposits of the Company

Combines present cutting-edge fashion with development trend

Have been skillfully blended into “Hongyun”

Provides the enterprise with vitality and soul

Fully demonstrates the necessary components required by a modern enterprise

—— Acquire the essence of traditional arts, and design the fashion of leather culture

Motivate the intelligence and wisdom of Hongyun people

“Hong” refers to great ambitions, which become reality

“Yun” refers to successes, accompanied by bliss and happiness

Being “Hongyun” people, we are proud.

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