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Creating remarkable working environment, dedicating to the development of Hongyun

General Manager of Hongyun Company, Pang Jian, presided and held a meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the Company.

In the meeting he announced the performance in the first half and planned for the next half of the year; directors of various departments also reported their business operations.

Pang Jian spoke of the sustainable development. He pointed out that although affected by the private lending crisis, all employees have devoted to the development of Hongyun. As the saying goes that many hands make light work. Only through joining all forces together can we fully cooperation and create a better future.

“Hongyun will provide everybody with a better working and living environment.” Pang Jian encouraged, which greatly motivated the employees, who showed that they would make the best efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of the Company.

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