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Provincial Grass-root Youthful League Campaign, Youth League Branch of Hongyun is on the list

In order to commend better performance, set up examples, and encourage various youth league organizations to make more outstanding achievements, the communist youth league of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee held grass-root youth league campaigns, commended 296 youth league organizations in Zhejiang Province and awarded them with the title of “Provincial Grass-root Youthful League Branch”, including youth league branch of Hongyun Leather Co., Ltd.

It has been learnt that in order to commend better performance and set up examples, the communist youth league of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee has created remarkable working environment for grass-root youth league organizations, which promoted the development of grass-root organizations to a higher level, and encouraged youth league organizations at all levels to make more achievements.

Youth league branch of Wenzhou Hongyun Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. Not long ago, the youth league branch of the Company won the title of “Municipal Youth Culture Merit” and “Provincial Grass-root Youthful League”, which serves as an encouragement and approval for youth league branches in private enterprises. Hongyun shows that on the basis of “Provincial Grass-root Youthful League”, it shall make persistent efforts to contribute to the development of a more vibrant youth league branch.

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