Wenzhou Hongyun Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, and has established Dongguan (Wenzhou) Sales Branch in Guangdong Province. The Company is mainly engaged in the PU business of “Hexin” brand. Our products are suitable for the leather shoe, sofa, garment, packaging and interior decoration industries. Basing on the business concept of “integrity, quality, service, and innovation”, the Company has recruited a great number of technological and marketing elites who are dedicated to the R&D of products that lead the industrial trend. Thanks to our innovation, we have been leading the market. We won the title of “Golden Leather Supplier” of Wenzhou shoe industry in 2009 and “Excellent Supplier” of shoe materials in China’s Shoe Capital in Wenzhou in 2010.

In order to improve employees’ cohesion and effectiveness and create a rock-solid team, with a forward-looking perspective, the Company took the lead in performing shareholding reform in the industry in 2007, which has motivated employees’ enthusiasm and creativity, increased competitiveness inside the Company, boosted Company’s vitality, helped employees to gain confidence from such reform, built consensus within Company, showed employees’ values, and created a platform for employees to bring their talents into full play. This reform has not only laid a solid foundation for the development of the Company, but also has helped the Company’s sales to constantly maintain a fast growth rate and helped the Company to maintain its leading position in the industry.

We actively assume social responsibility. Our management focuses on people; we attach importance to talents’ training; we also pay attention to quality education in learning… Each year we will regularly provide 14 benefits for employees, including health examination, tourism travel, vacation, pension, and medical treatment. We established party branch and Youth League branch in 2011 to organize political activities among party members and league members; we also organize charity and social activities each year. We have won a number of honors and awards: we won “Charity Award of Merit” of Lucheng District in 2011, “Advanced Youth League Organization of Lucheng District” in 2011, “Municipal Youth Culture Merit” in 2013, and “Provincial Grass-root Youthful League” in 2013. Party Branch Secretary of the Company, Su Xiuzao, has won the title of “Outstanding Communist Party Member” of Lucheng District for many times; General Manager of the Company, Pang Jian, has been honored as “Love Ambassador of 2010” by Wenzhou City Government and won the title of “The Third Outstanding Builder of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Wenzhou City” in 2012.

In the future, “Hongyun” will continue to work with customers to enjoy the most up-to-date R&D results, deal with forever changing challenges, and create greater values and benefits for the society.